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Acup Kitchen Renovation

When we met Roze, she was anxious for a new kitchen. She was coping with a 50 year old kitchen with the original steel cabinets, no dishwasher, and zero space for anything! We were able to remove walls to create more of an open design which improved function and space. With the strategic partnership with J. Voss Cabinets, we were able to design Roze some beautiful custom cabinets and crown arrangement that is extremely appealing to the eyes. With the strategic partnership with Stone Trends stone countertops really brought the cabinets and the new tile floors together along with the wood floors throughout the house. Roze finally got the dishwasher she always wanted. To complement the dishwasher, we also integrated a new gas range, oven, microwave hood combo, and refrigerator which are all stainless steel from GE. The backsplash is the perfect buffer between the cabinets and countertop. We were able to incorporate stainless steel and transparent glass pieces to really make it pop and match the hardware and appliances. This was truly a great experience. Not only is it an amazing kitchen, but it was a kitchen that Roze did not even think she could get. She was looking for a solution to her problems, and she found it with us. Check out the bathroom and massive room addition we did for Roze as well!

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